Welcome to Church of Saint Anthony

Church of St Anthony Singapore Catholic Church Woodlands

Church of Saint Anthony
25 Woodlands Avenue 1
Singapore 739064
Telephone: 6368 3804

Opening Hours: 5.30am – 10.00pm

Parish Priest: Fr Ignatius Yeo

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the church premises and gates will be closed until further notice. For any urgent matters please call the church for assistance.

Parish Office Opening Hours

The Parish Office is closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm
Saturday, 9am to 1pm & 5pm to 7pm
Sunday, 7am to 1pm
Parish Office is Closed on Public Holiday

*Please note that these hours are only when the Church resume to its original state once the Covid 19 is over.

How to Contact Us during this period:

Also, currently during in this period of Covid 19, although we are working from home but if any parishioner needs to call us. They can still call us at the Church number from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm. (Except for Public Holiday the staff will not be working)

If they can’t get us on the phone, they can email us at:
1) Secretary: secretary@saint-anthony.org
2) Facilities: facilities@saint-anthony.org

Parish Secretary & Staff

Secretary: Ms. Melinda Marie Teo
6368 3804 (Ext: 203)

Parish Priest Rev Fr Ignatius Yeo
TEL : +65 6368 3804 ext 206
Assistant Priest Rev Fr Edmund Chong
TEL : +65 6368 3804 ext 210
Assistant Parish Priest Rev Fr John Lau
TEL : +65 6368 3804 ext 205
Priest-in-Residence Rev Fr Cyril John Lee
TEL : +65 6368 3804 ext 207

Pastoral Coordinator

Position Vacant
Email : pastoralcoordinator@saint-anthony.org
Telephone: 6368 3804 (Ext: 208)

Youth Coordinator

Paul Goh
Email : youth@saint-anthony.org
Telephone: 6368 3804 (Ext: 209)


Aylwin Constantine
Email: facilities@saint-anthony.org



Maria Lau
Email: bookkeeper@saint-anthony.org

Catechist Coordinator

Catherine Koh
Email: catechistcoordinator@saint-anthony.org

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